Monday, June 1, 2009

May Daze

May has come and gone so very quickly and I just want to write about some things that I believe are worth remembering.

May 1st was my first time and my LAST time playing on a co-ed softball game. It seemed like such a good idea, a fun way to get some exercize. Gayle purchased a glove for me, and we warmed up for an hour before we went to the field. In the game, I was a "designated hitter", batted twice and didn't play in the field. I was having second thoughts about playing, and nervous that I would injure myself. In the days following, I developed pain in my arm and shoulder that limit my range of motion. The top of my shoulder is very swollen.

On Friday May 8 Gayle and I went to see Celtic Woman in the Spokane Arena. They put on such a good show it was wonderful to be there. We had terrific seats. I heard them sing a song that I would love to use as an audio background for a new baby slideshow.

May 10 was Mother's Day.
I love being a MOM! I always look forward to receiving phone calls from our children, and talk

on the phone for hours. Cory moved home at the beginning of May for awhile. He is a joy to be around. His dog Rueger smiles as big as any dog as I have ever seen, and he greets me every morning by bounding down the stairs, tail wagging and big smile on his face as he runs to bid me "Good Morning!" One morning I surprised him by hiding in the kitchen and took his picture as he came looking for me.
It isn't the greatest picture as he was moving so fast, but you can at least see him smile!

May 14 was the day that my niece Elisabeth got married to Scott Tracy in the Bountiful Temple. It wasn't possible for me to be there, but I did create a slideshow for them to show at their wedding reception. I am trying to put a link here to open the slideshow but having some trouble with that.

May 16 was the Spokane Valley Camera Club's Annual Salon Awards Banquet. I submitted 10 each to digital and print categories. These had to be images that were judged in the monthly competitions, and were judged in Oregon by a panel of 3 judges. I received two Honorable Mentions for "Mother's Joy" in the portrait category, and "Marigold's Invitation" in the animal category. In addition, I received the "Rookie of the Year Award!" This award is given annually to a person who is fairly new to the club, has made notable improvement to their photography, and given service to the club. I have learned much from some very excellent photographers there since joining two years ago.

Marigold's Invitation

Mother's Joy

May 22 was Lisa's birthday, and we traveled to Kennewick to spend a couple of days with her and their family. They have a new puppy!

Corbyn and Oreo

Paige loves the new piano. Now she practices for her piano lesson without being told to!

And Dakota has learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels!

Newell is busy as ever with homework, Church and school activities.

May 20 I had my shoulder/arm x-rayed as it was still hurting after playing softball on the 1st. Nothing is broken. Then why does it hurt so badly?

May 25 we enjoyed one last meal with Bob, Sherie, and Joe. They are moving from Fairchild

AFB as Bob has a new assignment at Shaw AFB in South Carolina. I am going to miss having my sister here and it is with sadness that I have to say good-bye. Yet I know that she is looking forward to living closer to her children, and I am happy for her for that. Today I also planted a lot of the garden. We are growing tomatoes, green and red peppers, green beans, cucumbers, beets, lettuce, yellow crookneck squash, cantaloupe, acorn squash, and carrots. I also have an herb garden.

May 27 was Bob's Change of Command Ceremony at FAFB and was very nice. Bob received a special "decoration." Being family, we had been given "reserved" guest seating in the front row. After the ceremony, he was required to exit quickly, so we said our Good-byes and they started their 5 day trip across the country.

I am in the process of creating a slideshow with all of the pictures taken. And all the pictures are in my picasa web album.
May 29. This morning I awakened with a strange infection on my left arm: A red ring with a big blister in the center of it. By the time I got to see the doctor at 11:30 a.m., there was a welt that was quite big on the outside of the red ring and was enlarging hour by hour. The doctor did not know what it was and prescribed an antibiotic. I went back to work and worked at a Symphony concert that night, arriving home exhausted.

May 30. The blister and swelling continued to get larger, so I called the base and they authorized a visit to a 2nd doctor. The doctor at First Care took a viral and bacterial culture, not knowing what it was. We'll see what it grows in the next couple of days. I am very curious. He recommends that I do not leave town and must postpone my trip to see my granddaughter. The swelling had increased to my elbow by Sat. night.

June 2. The mystery is solved...I have shingles. (That is why my arm has been hurting so severely!) I have the ok to continue to work, just keep the blister, or "lesion," as the doctor called it, covered, and try to keep my distance from anyone pregnant or those with compromised immune systems. I call Heather and Keith, and they and I decide I will not travel to see Kayla, and I postpone my trip by one week.

So maybe when I heal, I'll be able to use that baseball mitt again afterall...

Rejoice! - A New Day