Sunday, April 1, 2012


In March I took the opportunity to attend two excellent workshops. Tony Roche from Spokane Valley Camera Club shared some "secrets" for raising your photography up a notch. Many of his photographs look like there is an HDR process applied, and he shared that he uses layers to capture that look and went into detail how he does it. Yesterday I attended a seminar presented by PSA (Inland Empire Chapter of Photographic Society of America). Nevada Weir was the amazing photographer who presented the seminar and what a thrill it was to be there and learn from her stories and expertise.
     A week ago the Spokane Symphony launched their exciting 2012-13 Season Brochure, "Passion Now Playing." Some pictures I took at an outdoor Symphony concert at Arbor Crest last summer were selected for print in the brochure advertising this summer's three-concert series!  Click here to view the Spokane Symphony Brochure. You'll find my work on page 34.
     Also in March I got a Smart Phone - my first one! My first app was Square so that I can process credit cards for my Photography business through my phone. It works! I am enjoying my phone immensely, but I've got to unsubscribe to those merchants who send me daily emails! I really like reading my scriptures on my phone while commuting by bus. It is so much faster to read the cross-references, write notes, etc.
     March rainfall set a new record - I think it was 3.9 inches. All our trees have moss growing on the trunks and limbs. It reminds me of the Olympic National Park on the coast. Our perennials have emerged through the black dirt! I find that "rebirth" to be amazing. Gretta, with whom I work, planted a amaryllis bulb she received for Christmas in her office. It was fun to watch the growth and it finally bloomed in February.

 I worked on a few more images of K. She is so funny. We had to play a game of making different kinds of faces. I'd tell her to show me a scared face, and she'd raise her head to give me her best interpretation. I found that kept her quite engaged for a period of time. When she tired of that, we played Hide and Seek among the sleeping bags hanging in the door-less closet.  This kept her very happy, and she was a very willing subject to photograph, even though just a 2 year-old. Of the many faces, I like this one above the best.

Looking SO serious with baby brother.

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