Wednesday, December 21, 2011

October 2011 - A Trip to the Colville National Forest

In celebration of Gayle's birthday, we decided to go away for the week-end. Our first choice was Leavenworth, Washington, but didn't realize it was Octoberfest and we could not find lodging. Our second choice was Beaver Lodge Resort in the Colville National Forest. Never having been there, I had a picture in my mind of what it looked like based on the descriptions of a friend and co-worker of mine who has been going there for years, as well as Cory who has camped at the same place. The word "Resort" is a HUGE stretch of the imagination as it relates to this place. Even though we rented a cottage, it was more like glorified tent camping. There was no running water or bathroom. It did have a woodstove and a refrigerator. The place needed a good cleaning. We learned that most people who stay there do so to go four-wheeling in the surrounding mountains. Ok, we will not be going back there.

Lonely dock at Beaver Lake Resort
Most people were still slumbering when we arose to frost on the dock and fog above the lake. 
We went on several hikes and took a drive up a scenic highway. Off the highway we took a short hike up to a waterfall. The trip was worth it to see this.  

September 2011 - The Harvest

Gardening takes a lot of time. We grew a variety of tomatoes, yellow crookneck squash, zucchini squash, buttercup squash, butternut squash, carrots, green beans, beets, green pepper, and cucumber. We had a very strange cold wet spring and early summer and we wondered if we would be able to grow anything this year! But everything did grow and we enjoyed a very bountiful harvest. This picture was taken  in early June. I neglected to take pictures of the garden in September.

Nothing fancy to look at, it's amazing that a spot of ground can produce so much. This is one of three vegetable gardens.

Flowers from our Garden - Summer 2011

I love flowers. I love their fragrance, color, and design. I gained a greater appreciation for the flowers that I grew and the display they give that gladdens the heart. Here are a few from my garden(s).

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dakota's Baptism - August 6, 2011

We said good-bye to Jennie, Kevin, and girls. Time for them to get home and think about school starting. A few days later we visited Lisa, Dave, and the girls for the week-end as Dakota was going to be baptized as well as her cousin who is the same age.

Dakota was baptized by her father

Why is baptism important? It is the first step back to our Heavenly Father. It doesn't guarantee eternal life, because in and of itself it is not enough to be "saved". One must live a righteous life as our Savior taught. I am proud of Dakota and her decision to be baptized.

A Visit from Jennie, Kevin, and Girls - July 2011

The Formal Photo Shoot was on the last  day of their visit. We had planned to go to another place to shoot pictures after doing some on the trampoline and in the hammock. But darn the luck! I became aware of a car driving slowly toward us, through the field and didn't stop until he hit our fence and shed!!! Kevin went around to the back to see if the driver was alright. The driver was unconscious, but came to shortly, said he was ill, and he left after we exchanged information. The police were called, and now we could not leave! So a little shaken, we continued the photo  
shoot in the back yard, and in spite of the whole incident, we made the best of it, and got some pictures that I am very proud of, plus a story to tell besides!

The above fun picture was taken on the beach near Kevin and Jennie's parents lake house.

Within a week of returning from the Crawford Family reunion in Arizona, Jennie, Kevin, and the girls came for a visit. We know when they come, there will be a visit to Silverwood Theme Park, visits to a special place on  Lake Couer d'Alene, and plenty of water skiing and tubing.
Kevin's brother and nephew 


On a Mudgy and Millie adventure in Couer d'Alene (a delightful children's book) 

Piper loved the Huckleberry Sundae!
Brinley and Addy as we stroll through Couer d'Alene

Rejoice! - A New Day