Monday, January 23, 2012

A Happy 2012 Beginning

2012 started off beautifully with an additional day off of work - that allowed us to have the time to go photograph migrating eagles in Wolf Lodge Bay near Couer d' Alene, Idaho. Wed. Jan. 3 was delivery day for my niece, even though she lives as far away as one can live from me in the US, I stay in touch through Facebook as she posts often. When I got home from work the first thing I did was check Facebook and there was a picture of she and the baby. But several hours later a phone call from my sister revealed that she had life-threatening complications and the doctors questioned her survival. Family members and friends prayed fervently for her life. I believe in the power of prayer; know that we have a loving Father in Heaven who cares immensely about us, and blesses us continually. Miracles occurred that night. Maria did live, did deliver a healthy baby. She has a long road to go to full recovery, but she's taking it one step at a time. I am grateful for miracles.

Our daughter, Heather, delivered a baby boy in December and I took the opportunity on Jan. 7 to fly to Utah for a week to give her an extra hand with 2 yr. old K. and baby. As a mother, it's one of those most joyful things I have done, to be there helping with new babies. I enjoyed every minute of it, and I am missing playing with K. and holding E. Here are a few pictures from the week I was there:

       Keith is such a great dad. I am impressed with his involvement in the day to day needs of K and E.

                               E. was very cooperative during is "photo shoot." A peaceful moment.

                                  One very happy family! And good memories for me.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Last Quarter

I'm not talking money here, but time. October through December was very busy. Some of those times I've talked about in previous posts.
October 1, 2011 - Eric, Cory, and Gayle head out for the Weber State vs Eastern Washington football game. It was nice to have Eric here for a week-end visit.

October 7-9 was our trip to the Colville National Forest, which is in a previous post.
October 15 - SVCC Field Trip, led by Jan Hannink. Jan leads a wonderful field trip every year in the fall. I look forward to these trips immensely, when we take a day trip and see places I've never been.

Let Me Out of Here!

Old Schoolhouse will be renovated

Photographer Larry Berreth 
These are only a few of many interesting pictures I took that day.
October 18 - Two photo shoots of infants. It was so much fun.

I purchased 5 yards of fabric and made a hammock-like swing to hold this little one.

She was so attentive and happy during her session. What an angel.

 I love this expression of surprise on big sister's face. You wouldn't know how windy it was if it were not for the pansys.

October 26 - Two photo shoots. Such a beautiful fall day it was! Everything was magic.

Ashley was so much fun to work with. You'll be seeing more of her on my website.
October 29th - This time it was my turn to be in front of the camera. My photographer friend, Ray Ward, took our pictures and let me edit as I desired. I've been a fan of Ray's photography and I owe a good share of my expertise to Ray's workshops and advice.
Nancy and Gayle
November 5th - Baby and Mom photoshoot (pictures posted previously)
November - 26th - Thanksgiving! Such gratitude I have for many things! Lisa, Hung, and the girls came for the week-end. It's been a couple of years since they've had a family portrait. The weather was cold, but they were good sports.

December 2-4 - The Nutcracker! I was asked to take some pictures for the Spokane Symphony's Facebook page. I won't put the pictures here because they are on my Facebook page as well. But a neat result came of a picture I took of Bridget in her soldier costume, which she wore while working during the shows. Bridget is also an artist, and every year she creates a new card for Christmas. This year she said she wasn't going to do one. But after seeing the picture I took of her on Facebook, she was inspired to create a card after all of herself dressed as a soldier in The Nutcracker!

December 2 - 8th, and 21 - I photographed the trees in the Davenport Hotel and Riverpark Square - Christmas Tree Elegance trees, that is. Also the brand new Spokane Symphony banners that adorn the streets surrounding Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox.

This concert was completely sold out - Yeah!!!!

December 14th - a new baby boy is born into our family! I cannot wait to see him in three weeks!
December 25th - Christmas Day - quiet, peaceful. No pictures.
December 26th - And last, but not least, Gayle and I went on our annual eagle watch at Wolf Lodge Bay, and Beacon's Bay near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. I will post the pictures next time as the hour is late and I'm exhausted!

Monday, January 2, 2012

September 28-29 Musician Photoshoot

The end of September I was asked to take pictures of Spokane Symphony Orchestra musicians. These pictures will eventually be placed on the Spokane Symphony website in a section called "Meet The Musicians." Here are a few of them:

Chuck Karschney, French Horn

Allison Cregg, First Violin

Bruce Bodden, Principle Flute

Chris Cook, Trumpet

Lynne Feller-Marshall, Principle Bassoon

Sunday, January 1, 2012

September 2011 - Silverwood

The Silverwood marketing director, whose name also happens to be Nancy, was super-nice when I asked if I could bring the Spokane Camera Club to Silverwood Theme Park in September. She agreed, and we had about 15 members who photographed on that hot summer-like day. I was very impressed with the landscaping, and variety of flowers in bloom when we visited in July, and hoped to still have some of that in September. Well, it had changed, of course. New flowers were in bloom...point is, no matter when you visit Silverwood, if you look for them, you are in for a floral display of blooms around every corner. It was nice to be able to spend as much time as I wanted to where I wanted to go. When you are with children, you are always racing to the next ride!   Here are a few of my  images that you might have missed had you not looked carefully:

Dahlias - I absolutely adore them. 

This is actually a fountain with water spilling over the edge.  

He was so cute with his stuffed banana pillow he must have won, eating sherbet of the same color.  

Not one bee but two! How could I get so lucky?

...Oops, and then there was one. 

Rejoice! - A New Day