Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb. Happenings

Last week a dear lady at Church, Lois Concannon, had her 95th birthday! When I asked her if I could stop by on her birthday and visit she happily agreed and let me take her picture. Lois led the music in Sacrament Meetings for many years (someone said 42 years!) and only stopped a few years ago. She still plays the organ in her home, and paints beautifully. To honor her, members of our ward put on "An Evening of Music" in Lois' honor. After each participant performed, they presented a yellow rose to Lois. At the conclusion Lois had a basket of three dozen roses. I organized a small group of women and we sang an arrangement of "As Sisters in Zion." I also matted and framed Lois' picture, had it on display on a table as people entered, and then gave it to her to take home with her.

Gayle and I have been thinking for a VERY long time about joining a fitness club, and on the last day of January, we signed up. We were ready to commit and chose the Liberty Lake Fitness Club, a 10 minute drive from home. Consulting with a trainer has helped us to develop a routine to follow understand the equipment that will help us achieve results. In the past three weeks we both suffered horrible colds that stopped our progress temporarily, but now that we have recovered and are getting our strength back, we are ready to start exercizing again. We went both Friday and Saturday, and boy am I sore...

Rejoice! - A New Day