Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today we got a Christmas card from Gayle's cousin Craig Horton and his wife Kris. On the short note was Kris's blog address. That is an invitation to view, right? And so I did. I am new to the world of blogging...not even comfortable with that "b" word. But journals I am at home with and enjoy writing. I don't like scrapbooking, but do enjoy photography immensely. So I am just feeling my way trying to decide if this blog is something I want to do. Which leads me to Kris's "Journal." I almost feel like I am reading something I shouldn't be reading. Afterall, I would not pick up a journal and start reading someone's private entries. That aside, Thank-you, Kris, for the invitation. I got caught up on your family's lives, and enjoyed reading your delightful entries. I like your style.

So, I have to tell you of my miracle that happened in early December. We attended Sacrament Meeting in the 17th Ward one Sunday. Not our own ward, but one that meets at 9 a.m. I had to work that day as there was a concert at The Fox and needed to leave after Sacrament Mtg. I was wearing my coat and a new winter scarf that my friend Anne Franke had made and given to me just a few days before. I got warm, sitting in Sacrament Mtg. and took my scarf off and laid it on the pew beside me. After the meeting, we got up to leave, and the scarf remained on the bench. I didn't remember it until I was halfway downtown, and could not return to get it. I was just sick. I felt badly because it was a gift from a friend, who had taken the time to make it for me, and I had been irresponsible. Right then I said a prayer to Heavenly Father, that the scarf would be safe and I'd be able to find it. Perhaps it would be taken to the library where they have a place for "lost and found" items, or maybe someone would hang it up on a hanger in the cloak room. I felt at peace, and didn't worry anymore. It was in the Lord's hands. On my way home, I didn't think about the scarf until I drove up to our house. "I should go to the Church and see if I can find my scarf," I thought, but I was in my driveway and hungry so continued toward the house. I opened the outer door, and discovered my scarf hanging on the doorknob inside! To this day I do not know who brought it home to me, only that I was blessed by an Angel. My prayer had been answered. I know that our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ are mindful of us and our individual circumstances and we are loved. I am very grateful.

Monday, December 29, 2008

More Snow...

Today it was back at the Box Office after being off for a Christmas break. Inside business was very slow and outside it was snowing furiously. A decision was made to close down the Box Office and Admin Offices due to a Winter Storm Warning. Apparantly many other offices closed at the same time, as it appeared that the entire downtown workforce was trying to leave at the same time. After waiting for my bus for almost an hour (!) with hundreds of other shivering people the #74 arrived. Luckily, I was one of the first on and happy to grab a seat by the window. We started our "crawl" to the Mirabeau Park and Ride, normally a 15 minute drive on the freeway which last 45 minutes after passing a semi-truck stuck in a berm blocking traffic, and seeing a few cars who had slid off the road into snowbanks. I came to reflect on how all this snow has affected our lives here since December 17th. Certainly, travel has been slow and difficult. Air flights have been cancelled or delayed, garbage pickup last week did not occur, one concert in The Fox was rescheduled, snow accumulation on rooftops has resulted in some collapses, (the Davenport Hotel skylight fell into the lobby today!), heavy snowfall bent our mugo pine branches into the street and had to be removed so the branches could resume their skyward stance. How do birds find food? My concern led me to ask Gayle to dig a path to the bird feeder and I filled it. Within a short time, one skinny finch was having a feast. So here I am so happy to be home, dry and warm. So what am I going to do? Sew. :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008


We have had record snowfall! On Dec. 17th, in a 24 hour period 30 inches had fallen in some areas, (we got 19 inches) and everyday it has snowed more! I'd go measure again, but I don't really want to through the snow. It would be above my knees for sure. It sure makes traveling more difficult.

Today is Christmas. I appreciate so much all the gifts that I received from family and friends and likewise I hope that what we did for others is appreciated. I think the saying "It's not what you get but what you give" is what the spirit of Christmas is all about. I am always wishing that I could do more, give more. I remember when we were kids Mom and Dad would make Christmas so very magical! Mom would make gifts like candles, pillows, pjs, dresses, and many dozens of cookies and breads. We'd go Christmas caroling and deliver goodies to neighbors and friends. And so, now as an adult, I usually have a gift that is "homemade." Until this year. I have been so busy with work, that there hasn't been time to even think about making something. Why didn't I start earlier? Because I was trying to keep up with a large garden and it's plentiful harvest, or that is my excuse. It is hard for me to think of Christmas in August. There are many who do, like Penny, and obviously, Holly. Holly gave us a beautiful quilted nativity wall-hanging. THAT she didn't do in a hurry. That took planning, and time, and it's creation is now my treasure. I love all my gifts very much, but Holly's reminded me of my childhood and what I missed doing this Christmas: Creating something.

Rejoice! - A New Day