Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Gift

Our son Matthew's birthday is tomorrow, December 7th. And because we traditionally give gifts on one's birthday, and Matt is not here to receive this gift, I would like to share it with all my family and friends in Matt's memory. This photograph I took while visiting "Glacier Gardens" in Juneau, Alaska last summer. Gayle spotted this eagle flying toward us, and there it was, magnificently flying over us. I held my breath and tried to get the best picture possible, and in a few seconds, the eagle was gone. Now all is left is this image and a wonderful memory of the place. Our son, Matthew, left us suddenly when he slipped beyond the veil and all we have left are our memories of him and the hope and faith that through Jesus Christ's atonement we will see him, be with him again someday. And so it is my wish to celebrate Matt's birthday, by sharing this image with all. He would like that. We'll place the wreath at his grave tomorrow, and hope that somehow he knows that we are thinking of him. Matt, we all miss you and love you. Happy Birthday, Love, Mom.

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