Thursday, March 10, 2011

Preparing for Vacation is NO vacation!

I  am resting easier now that I am sitting in a Best Western in Dillon, Montana. But trying to get ready to leave was very stressful! There are so many details to take care of before I leave that it seems impossible to get it all done! For example: The work responsibilities - recent concerts have been settled with the promoters, a new event, Robert Kennedy on May 19 has been built, customers calling in were helped with ticket purchases, food prepared for a birthday celebration,  made a special birthday card for Marissa and Liz, attended a farewell for departing staff member, events message phone lines had to be recorded, just to name a few, and this was just in the last three days! Then there were the personal goals! Attended Relief Society Tuesday night, and spent hours considering and editing images to submit to SVCC for digital judging. Ah, finally, saw the truth: Sometimes I don't see clearly because I am too emotionally attached to an image, remembering the good time we had, and not clearly seeing it for what it REALLY is. BAD. Well, not bad, but not my best work. So! A change of plan, and I have submitted my best work-4 images. I am confident they will do well. And if the judge doesn't agree with me, phooey on the judge. Ok, I also had to make sure that my Church calling was taken care of, thanks to Robyn, the Choir is in good hands. Got tickets for Makaela to Saturday's concert, and delivered parking pass to Charlotte, who is going to watch guest artist Natalie MacMaster's baby on Saturday.


So, I got everything done I HAD to do, can rely on Donna to cover me at work, and I can truly enjoy my vacation. So, my new three favorite words this next week are going to be: I'M ON VACATION! And now that I am on vacation, I am going to forget how hard it was to leave.:)

"The Pavilion in Riverfront Park"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gas Prices Hiking Up Again

     Gas went up again today, hitting $3.50 a gallon here in Spokane, WA. And diesel is up to almost $4.00. Analysts predict that $3.50 is tops. Oh, really? I doubt it.
     I had a delightful walk in Riverfront Park these last two days. Yesterday I spotted the beaver again (did I mention this before?) and determined to get pictures, I brought my camera along today. No beaver.
     Within a week's time, I will have worked at 5 concerts and will attend 31/2. Last week-end was the Spokane Symphony's Classical concert on Sat. and Sun. (I had to cover for Donna who was ill), Monday was Gonzaga Symphony Orch performing Brahm's Piano Concerto no. 1 with Awadagin Pratt, tomorrow is Michael Ballam singing Broadway Classics, and Saturday night is Celtic Fire with Michael Londra (formerly with Riverdance), the Haran Irish Dancers, and An Dochas, an Irish band.
     Today was the kick-off for the Spokane Symphony's 2011-2012 Season Subscription campaign. Another good season, with some surprises planned along the way. The Nutcracker has changed venues from the INB to Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox and we have a new ballet company.
     I am ready for SPRING! Our temperature reached a balmy 42 degrees today and it felt so good after the single digit lows last week.
     I had a long conversation with Cory tonight over spaghetti at dinnertime. He recently watched a documentary about JFK's assinasion which raised unanswered questions. It made for some good discussion.
     I took the three following pictures  in British Columbia, Canada at Buchart Gardens and reminds me of warm glorious long sunny summer days. I long for more sunshine and warmth. And lower gas prices.

Rejoice! - A New Day