Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Tulips of Arbor Crest

     I spent a delightful morning at Arbor Crest Wine Cellars in Spokane Valley a couple of months ago when their tulips finally bloomed again. I had waited in great anticipation for almost a year after Kathy, from Arbor Crest, told me about the annual tulip festival and the thousands of tulips they have! So I determined then that I would not miss it this year. 
     Tidy rows of blooming cherry trees were the first thing to put a smile on my face and I envisioned children singing the familiar song, "Popcorn popping on the apricot tree!" as I parked my van. 

But it was the tulips that grabbed my attention as I began my walk through the acreage. Such beautiful surroundings create almost a paradise. The only sounds were the birds as my friends from Spokane Valley Camera Club and I were invited to come before they opened to the public, and we were in such awe we went our separate ways to capture our own unique "in-camera" masterpieces.

Envision with me this place: Sits high on a bluff overlooking the Spokane Valley. Mature trees create a shaded canopy and I see many beds of flowers as well as other points of interest. 

 Just beyond the gazebo, I was surprised to find this:

Can't go forward, I circle around and find more that catches my interest: 



Arbor Crest is a summer concert venue. The Spokane Symphony will perform here on July 25th, August 1st, and August 8th at 7 p.m. The tulips won't be in bloom, but mid-summer perennials will be. 
A few images I took at last year's symphony concert at Arbor Crest:

 People bring lawn chairs or blankets, or just use the ones that Arbor Crest provides to sit and listen under the tent or anywhere under the open sky. This year table seats are available under the tent and about 23 are still available.  

Tulips are not the only reason to pay a visit to the beautiful Arbor Crest. I hope to see you this summer at my favorite outdoor concert venue with my favorite symphony. See more at Nancy Crawford Photography

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